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by Frank X. Tolbert
The original chili book by the guy who started the chili cook-off craze during early Terlingua times. Recipes, history, lore, anecdotes and culinary wisdom. Along with "bowl of red," other Southwestern dishes are also featured: Jalapeño cornbread, black-eyed peas, son-of-a-bitch stew,  and more. Paperback. List: $9.95 order

Great Chile Book
by Mark Miller
Written by the chef of the celebrated Coyote Cafe, this guide will help you identify over 90 of the world's most popular chiles.  Includes beautiful color photos, taste descriptions, heat ratings, and tips for preparation and cooking. Paperback. List: $14.95 order

The Great Hot Sauce BookGreat Hot Sauce Book
by Jennifer Trainer Thompson. Photographer, Kristen Brochmann
An essential guide and reference featuring over 130 of the best sauces from around the world. Also contains a listing of 700 available sauces and 30 "hot" recipes. Full-color photos. Paperback. List: $14.95 order

The Habanero CookbookHabenaro Cookbook
by Dave DeWitt & Nancy Gerlach
This is the hottest cookbook there is, with plenty of recipes that utilize the fiery, fruity heat of the hottest pepper known.  Appetizers, sauces, marinades, and other great ideas. Paperback. List: $17.95 order

Hot & Spicy Mexican
by Dave DeWitt, Mary Jane Wilan & Melissa T. Stock
Learn to make mole, sauces, soups and salsas that are the basis of Mexican cuisine. Includes a complete glossary of Mexican chile terminology and a listing of Mexican food terms and cooking techniques. Paperback. List: $14.95 order

Hot Sauce Bible
by Dave DeWitt & Chuck Evans
The complete hot sauce reference, icluding the manufacturers and ingredients of over 1,500 varieties and 175 recipes.  History, anecdotes and fun facts, as well as mail-order sources and over 30 chilehead web sites.  Paperback. List: $20.00 order

Jump Up and Kiss MeJump Up and Kiss Me
by Jennifer Trainer Thompson
This well-known author and chilehead puts together over 200 spicy vegetarian recipes from around the world. This unique cookbook will help you eat well, and with lots of flavor!  Paperback. List: $19.95 order

The Pepper GardenPepper Garden
by Dave DeWitt & Paul W. Bosland
The first book ever published on the art and science of gardening Capsicums, it shows amateur and experienced gardeners how to grow peppers in the garden, in pots, and under lights. Paperback. List: $14.95 order

PeppersPeppers: The Domesticated Capsicums (New Edition)
by Dr. Jean Andrews
Since publication in 1984, Peppers the complete source for the history, biology, cultivation, and medicinal, economic and gastronomic uses of the domesticated capsicum. This new edition is updated with information Dr. Andrews has gathered in the past twelve years. Full color artwork makes this a great coffee table book. Hardback. List: $65.00 order

Red Hot Peppers
A Cookbook for the Not So Faint of Heart

by Dr. Jean Andrews
A terrific collection of fiery recipes from Dr. Andrews - scientist, artist, historian, gardener and fine cook, and one of the world's leading pepper experts.  Authoritative, informative, and fun.  Hardback. List: $25.00 order

Sweet heatSweet Heat
Spicy Desserts (& More!) for Chile Lovers

by Melissa Stock & Dave DeWitt
Featuring 150 dessert recipes combining the wonderful tastes of sweet and hot, this is the latest from DeWitt and his fiery comrades.  Paperback. List: $16.95 order

The Whole Chile Pepper BookWhole Chile Pepper Book
by Dave DeWitt & Nancy Gerlach
These spicy food gurus document the chile pepper's history and lore, and provide over 180 recipes, ranging from mild to throat-scorching.  This amazing book covers pepper cuisine from all across the globe.  It has full-color photos of hard-to-identify chiles, gardening and preservation instructions, and seed sources.  Paperback. List: $19.95 order

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